Below are a few frequently asked questions, if you have a different one, feel free to drop me a line.

What paints / paper / pens / pencils do you use?

When I paint with watercolour I use Dr PH Martins Hydrus – these are lightfast unlike the Radiant watercolour that they make. Both are wonderful but I’m very aware of the tragedy that is a painting fading over time. I also use liquid acrylic and india ink.

I use Fabriano Artistico HP for watercolour painting, it is a Hot Press paper with means it’s smoother than Cold Press – it also means it’s less resistant to lots and lots of water and layers – but is easier for lining with ink pens.

Sakura Micron pens are my favourite to lining, Zig Memory are also good.

When painting in acrylic I use Amsterdam student acrylics, usually on wood combined with liquid acrylics.

Do you do commissions?

No. Unfortunately I do not have enough time to take on commissions at this time. However, because I am so grateful that people would like to own my work I have a new scheme for people that would have like to commission something; if your idea is something that I would have liked to paint anyway, I will add it to my “to do” list. If / when I get round to completing it you will be given the opportunity to purchase it – but you are not obliged to. Bare in mind the piece may never get made, and because no price is agreed like a commission, the piece may be much bigger, or smaller than you imagined – but you are given first refusal.

Email me your idea, and we can go from there!

Will you design me a tattoo?

No. Tattooers are artists, and they know what works best for a tattoo. Go find someone who does amazing, and I mean amazing tattoos, and have them design it. This is the way you will get the best tattoo possible.

Can I get one of your pieces tattooed?

Probably, but please drop me a quick email to ask. By it’s very nature artwork is copyrighted to the artist the moment it is produced, it is illegal to reproduce my work in any form, printed or tattooed without prior written consent.

That might sound heavy but it’s true. Generally I am of course very honoured if someone wants to get a piece tattooed but sometimes the piece has already been done and so would not be unique, or for personal reasons I may not want a certain item reproduced. Please respect that and just ask first. Thank you.


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